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A brand of Schockemöhle Sports.
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Buy riding ankle boots and riding boots from Tonics Shoes: Quality, comfort and style

Are you looking for the best riding ankle boots and riding boots on the market? Then you've come to the right place! Schockemöhle Sports, as a manufacturer of high-quality riding equipment for horse and rider, proudly presents the Tonics Shoes brand. 

The first-class products from Tonics Shoes combine quality, comfort and style at the highest level. Dive in with us and find out why Tonics Shoes boots and ankle boots are the perfect choice for you.

Tonics - A brand from Schockemöhle Sports

What Tonics actually is. Tonics is a prestigious brand that belongs to Schockemöhle Sports, a company with a wealth of experience in the manufacture of high-quality equestrian equipment. Tonics Shoes has been specially developed for riders who place the highest demands on their equipment. The brand is characterised by quality, functionality and elegance, and all of this is reflected in the riding ankle boots and riding boots.

Boots and ankle boots from Tonics - our diverse range

We offer you a comprehensive selection from the Tonics Shoes brand. Whether you are an experienced professional or an enthusiastic leisure rider, you are sure to find the perfect boots for you here.

Our range includes a large selection of products:

  • Riding boots: Our boots not only offer excellent grip in the stirrups, but are also real eye-catchers. Available in various designs in the colours brown and black, you can find the model that suits your personal style at Tonics.
  • Riding ankle boots: These half boots are ideal for riders who appreciate the versatility of footwear. With an optimum fit and wearing comfort, they are perfect for dressage and show jumping when combined with chaps. But they are also great companions for stable work.
  • Chaps: Complement your ankle boots with our high-quality chaps for additional support in the saddle. The boot shafts match our ankle boots perfectly and are available in the classic colours brown and black.
  • Leather care: Keep your boots and riding clothing in good condition with our selection of leather care products.
  • Accessories: Find the right accessories to complete the look around your leg. In addition to caps and boot bags, we also have socks to match your new boots.

Ankle boots and boots in the stable and on the horse

Ankle boots and boots are indispensable in the stable for equestrian sports. They offer protection and comfort to ensure that you and your horse are well equipped in every situation. The models from Tonics Shoes have been specially developed for the requirements in the stable and saddle. Whether you're working in the stable or training with your horse every day, our styles are comfortable to wear all day long.

Comfort and style

In addition to the highest quality, we attach great importance to comfort and style. Our products are designed to keep you comfortable during long rides or intensive training. And our ankle boots in particular are the perfect companion for a day of stable work thanks to their comfortable footbed. The use of high-quality materials and a well thought-out fit minimise the risk of pressure points and chafing. But comfort alone is not enough. Tonics Shoes focuses on timeless elegance that goes with any riding outfit. Whether you want to shine on the showground or enjoy your time with your horse on a ride, you'll always look stylish in Tonics Shoes.

Caring for your Tonics riding ankle boots and riding boots

To keep your Tonics riding ankle boots and riding boots in top condition for a long time, proper care is essential. Make sure you clean and care for them regularly to preserve their longevity and aesthetic appearance. Rely on our high-quality leather care products that have been specially developed for Tonics Shoes.

Our exclusive leather care products have been developed with great care to fulfil the special requirements of Tonics shoes. They help to keep the leather in top condition and preserve its natural beauty. Our care instructions are tailored to the specific needs of our products, so you can make sure your Tonics boots are always shining.

Material & Quality

Tonics Shoes only uses high-quality materials to ensure that your riding ankle boots and riding boots meet the highest standards. The workmanship is of the highest quality and every detail is carefully checked to ensure durability and functionality. We are proud of the quality of our products and are convinced that with Tonic's boots you are making an investment in your riding career and your well-being in the saddle.


If you're looking for riding ankle boots and riding boots that combine quality, comfort and style, then Tonics Shoes is the place for you. Our wide selection of products allows you to find the perfect boots for you. Buy your Tonics riding ankle boots and riding boots today and take your riding experience to the next level. With our online shop, you can conveniently order and receive your delivery from anywhere so that high-quality riding clothing is always available near you.